120 Day President Trump Rating

Why 120 Days?  Because President Donald J. Trump was working on OUR behalf before taking office.  Right?  Officially it is the 100 days, but really, more like  120 days.  Look at the phone calls, meetings, deals brokered, Executive Orders Signed, BEFORE taking Office. Right? Keep up the Great Work and KEEP your promises Mr. President!  “Americanism, Not Globalism, will be our Credo!”  January 2017, and on to 2025.
Trump Florida Rally
Trump Promises Kept:

1. No Salary

2. Replace Scalia with a Proven Conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch

3. Withdraw from NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership – TPP

4. Executive Orders reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

5. Reverse Obama Executive Orders and Deregulate via Executive Orders

6. Bring back COAL

7. Bring Back, Create Jobs and Middle Class. Tax reform.

8. ICE and Illegal Border Crossings

9. End Common Care. School of choice.

10. Better treatment for Vets, and choice of Doctor.

11. Not a promise, but Highly Valued, SWAT the pedophile rings. Praise you!

12. Made many inroads in many promises.  Time will tell if they make the grade.

Donald Trump

Trump Promises Incomplete:

1. Declare China a Currency Manipulator

2. “Destroy” ISIS

3. Not be a ‘Warmonger’ like Bush, Obama

4. Repeal and Replace Obamacare

5. Abolish the Export-Import Bank

6. Stay Out of Syria Conflict

7. Tear Up Obama’s Executive Amnesty Orders

8. Hiring Freeze on Federal Employees

9. Build the Wall, and Mexico pays for it.


11. “LOVE” WikiLeaks to “Ok” to arrest and execute Julian Assange.

12. Edward Snowden potential pardon, to arrest and execute too.

13. Remove/Arrest Criminals ie Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama,
Clinton Foundation “Pay to Play”, Wiretapping, unmasking,
Clinton Illegal Server, classified emails, “Lock Her Up!”

14. M.A.G.A., NOT, Make the World a Police State of Wars.

15. NATO Obsolete……um….flip, flop. NATO needed.
Oh, Countries need to pay….flip, flop. Maybe pay later.

16. “I believe I’ll get along fine with Putin.” to nearly WW3.

17. “If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely,
and I would love to do that.”
(forgivable because enemies would use them badly against you, family, businesses)

18. “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”

19. Muslim Jihadist Ban…

20. Scrap Iran Deal….

21. Keep Globalists OUT, Goldman Sacks OUT….

22. Illegal Immigrants Deported. Sanctuary Cities Removed…..

23. Leaks at Military, DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, and many more.  Plug the leaks.

24.  Went after pedophiles, but just the little fish. Under Fail because of “PizzaGate”, and clear email and computer evidence of criminal wrongdoing by many ie Weiner, Clinton.
This paints a 1/3 done picture. Tough Job!  Especially considering the defeats
in Congress and the Courts. 2-1 Fail against Kept, or 33% Promise Keeper, to date.
While seemingly split, it is not.  It is Miles better than any other person could do!
People Love you President Donald J. Trump and still have High Hopes and Prayers.
It is only 120 days out of 8 years, right? There are more promises are in progress.
Some are minor and left out. 33% is pretty darn good start Mr. President.  But……
Trump DC Rally
This said, a “RED LINE” has been drawn by Loyal Trump grass-root supporters.
Over Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
Indeed, they were part of the reason for you winning, though neither cared
about the election or the candidates. Only the truth.
And the Truth was that Hillary Clinton had done Criminal Acts for many years.
President Trump, we suggest you PARDON Julian Assange and Edward Snowden,
but ban them from the U.S.A. (decision may be reviewed and reversed years later)

Moving on, a number of the Failures were due to opposition, not effort.
Obama and Hillary and Soros are still Fighting. Arrest them!
Why didn’t you “clean house”, as most Presidents do? A decision that will
no doubt come back and bite you if you continue to do nothing about them.

Why didn’t Trump limit the roles of Ivanka and Jarad seeing as they